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2016 Vivi's Orchid Corner

Vivi's Orchids since 1995

Cymbidium Golden Sunshine Yellow, March 2016, Vol. 20, Issue 3

Dear Orchid Friends:


Cymbidiums hail from Asia, China, Borneo, subtropical and tropical Asia.

The word "cymba" means boat, this this orchid is commonly called the boat orchid.

Cymbidiums were popular in the Victorian era and were commonly seen in the solarium houses of the upper class. These orchids are used in arrangements, bouquets, corsages or as cut flowers due to their long lasting effect.

The monthly article for March 2016 is on Cymbidium Golden Sunshine Yellow.


Cymbidiums are sympodial, which means that new pseudobulbs grow laterally off the main bulb. Leaves can grow to a height of 60 cm and the flower stalks as high as 90 cm. The flower stalk  grows from the base of the most recent pseudobulb. Each flower can have a diameter of 5 to 10 cm (2-4 in), according to the species. They bloom during the winter, and each plant can have up to nearly 20 flowers per stalk.

Cymbidiums are known for their gorgeous colors. Flowers are long lasting for nearly two months or more. Flowers are of a heavy substance and have a waxy appearance. Some are fragrant.


Cymbidium Golden Sunshine Yellow is a sunny daffodil yellow with rounded petals & sepals.

The lip is wide, has a slight wavy edge and the distal portion of the lip is a rich rosy-raspberry color, and the upper section is a white.


In order for Cymbidiums to flourish and flower, the proper  temperature is critical. Cymbidiums tolerate cool to cold climates (45F) and can tolerate temperatures below freezing for short periods of time. They don't seem to grow well in South Florida unless grown in greenhouses because it is a bit too warm. They do flourish in Central and Northern Florida.

They like high light in cool climates.


Water heavily in Spring and summer when that is there normal growth cycle.


I always loved Cymbidiums and they remind me of spring. I tried my luck growing them, but alas, to no avail…now I go to the orchid shows and admire them.

Happy spring!

Until next time,


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