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2016 Vivi's Orchid Corner

Vivi's Orchids since 1995

V. lamellata, April 2016, Vol. 20, Issue 4

Dear Orchid Friends:

Vanda lamellata

Vanda lamellata is a species found in the Philippines, Malaysia, Borneo and other Indonesian areas.

This small-medium flower can vary in color making this such an interesting orchid depending on which parent it takes its traits from. Color palettes range from gold to purple, lavender to copper, from red to white to purple. The stigma surface can also vary from rose to blue to purple and its lip can vary from pink to blue to violet.  It is a good bloomer with many flowers on the stem.   Generally V. lamellata orchids will look quite different from plant to plant.

This cross highlighted in the article has gorgeous copper gold hues to petals, sepals with a slight crystalline appearance. Magnificent royal purple lip with thick  folds at proximal section of lip near column. Lip has lateral appendages of white with  maroon speckles. The lip is waxy and flowers have a heavy ,waxy appearance. It blooms 3-4 times a year and generally blooms from fall to winter. Flowers are slightly fragrant. Its unique color is not common in other orchids.

V. lamellata is best grown in hanging baskets or mounted and require bright to full sunlight and warm temperatures. They benefit from full sun in the morning and late afternoon, and shade in the mid day. the require bright light to produce flowers.

Temperature –Vandaceous ­orchids grow best under daytime conditions of 65ºF (18ºC) or higher, but they can withstand long spells of hot weather and short spells of cold. They will continue in active growth anytime of the year if given warm temperatures and bright light. Night temperatures should not generally be lower than 55ºF (12ºC) for extended period. 


Water: Vandaceous orchids in slat baskets should be ­watered daily, preferably early in the morning. Give them a good drink with the hose and let them dry. Humidity is a must, especially on sunny days. During extremely hot days additional misting once or twice a day in bright weather will be helpful. Water more sparingly in winter, during long cloudy spells

Rich hues, slight fragrance, relatively long lasting flowers make this orchid a great one to add to your collection.

Until next time,
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