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2016 Vivi's Orchid Corner

Vivi's Orchids since 1995

Dendrobium bracteosum x sib, May 2016, Vol. 20, Issue 5

Dear Orchid Friends:

Species! I love species, so this month's article is about Den. bracteosum x sib. This species is in the Dendrobium genus. Den. bracteosum originates from New Guinea and surrounding regions. It loves subtropical to tropical climates, however, is quite adaptable and tolerates cool to warm environments. Bright light, medium sun works well with this variety.

Reichenbach first described this orchid toward the late 1880s. It is commonly called 'The Bracted Orchid' due to its long and prominent bracts that are nearly as long as the flower petals.

This is a medium sized plant growing to heights of nearly 2 ft. with cane-like stalks and clusters of flowers either on the ends of the stalks or on the mid stalks. 

Den. bracteosum varies in colors in its natural state and can range from rosy hues to creamy white petals all with orange lips. Flowers are pom-pom shaped clusters. Plants bloom spring to fall and bear 3-8 individual flowers per cluster. Flowers have a waxy appearance and are small, approximately 2.5 cm wide. Flowers are fragrant and long lasting if grown in the right conditions. Flowers bloom on leafless stems.

The photo with this month's article was taken at the Boca Raton Orchid Society Show in February 2016. It is a beauty. I love the rich rosy color and the "pop" of the deep orange lip. Flower petals have a slight glistening characterisitc. What a great combination Mother Nature has created.

Dendrobiums tend to like to be on the drier side, but do water well when required. Humidity is important since these are grown in New Guinea. 

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