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2016 Vivi's Orchid Corner

Vivi's Orchids since 1995

Cym. Sunshine Falls 'Butterball', August 2016, Vol. 20, Issue 8

Dear Orchid Friends:

Summer brings steamy temperatures and warm, sunny colors. So in honor of vibrant summer colors, my August article highlights a gorgeous yellow cymbidium, Cym. Sunshine Falls 'Butterball'.

Generally, cymbidiums require cool nights with considerable variations in temperatures. This is a warm growing, fairly heat tolerant cymbidium which makes it ideal for South Florida. It is a hybrid of Cym. King Arthur x Cym. madidum. This lovely orchid was showcased at the Boca Raton Orchid Society Show in February 2016. Unfortunately, I was not able to procure one... sold out quickly!

Cymbidium flowers are a heavy substance, waxy in appearance. These are long lasting flowers and are popular for corsages since they maintain and sustain after cutting from the stem. Cym. Sunshine Falls 'Butterball' has a yummy, delicious fragrance. Flowers are approximately 7cm across and produce many flowers on the main stem. The petals are flared and make a lovely 360 degree arrangement. Petals are a rich yellow color (the the color of the flower, buttercups) with a sienna stripe in the center of petal. The fluted lip is wide and gives the appearance of a flowing dress. The same yellow color is the background on the skirt with burnt sienna markings. If one looks closely, the top of the flared skirt slightly resembles tips of angel wings, with the cap as the head and small arms crossing at the heart. Great! 

Care: Water well and don't let it dry out completely. Do not let the plant sit in water, so ensure good drainage. Provide hight light especially in mornings and later afternoon. Take cautions to avoid the hot direct mid day light.

Cym. Sunshine Falls 'Butterball' is aptly named; defnitely a sunny, cheery yellow. Perfect for the dog days of summer!

Until next time,
Vivi's Orchids, www.viviorchids.com


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